Dry Skin

Dry Skin or Xerosis

Dry skin, or xerosis, is a common issue affecting countless individuals across the world. It may be the result of environmental exposures, genetic conditions, hormonal shifts and aging, or a sign of more serious conditions, such as hypothyroidism. For the most part, dry skin is easily remedied with moisturizers and lifestyle modification. However, if you are not able to control it with over-the-counter moisturizers, it is best to be evaluated by a board-certified dermatologist for any other factors that may be a contributing factor.

Useful tips:

  • Avoid over-cleansing or harsh soaps
  • Avoid very hot water or prolonged time in the shower/bath
  • After bathing, pat skin dry leaving a little water beads on the skin, then apply moisturizer immediately to trap in the hydration
  • Moisturize hands after every wash
  • Humidifiers are helpful in cold/dry weather
  • Avoid extended sun or chlorinated pool exposure

For more information on ingredients, read Dr. Kopp’s online editorial: https://www.dermstore.com/blog/your-burning-questions-about-moisturizers-answered-by-a-dermatologist/
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