Benign Growth Removal

There are a number of different types of benign growths. Many of them have a genetic component and can be seen in generations of family members. Some of the most common growths affecting the skin include:

  • Hemangiomas – Growths of blood vessel cells that often appear as red or blue papules most commonly on the head, neck and upper body.
  • Lipomas – Growths of fat cells that are found in the subcutaneous fat most commonly on the neck, shoulders, back and arms.
  • Nevi (or Moles) – Collections of melanocytes (cells that make pigment) that range in color from pink, tan,brown or black.
  • Cysts – Sacs of keratin with an open pore to the epidermis
  • Skin tags – pedunculated skin colored papules usually in folds
  • Warts – viral-induced rough papules

Benign Growth Removal
There are a number of different methods used to remove benign growths depending on the depth of the lesion. Surgical excision and benign destruction are most commonly used; however, hemangiomas can also be treated with laser therapy.
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