As an aesthetician, I invite you to embrace this season as an opportunity to fall back in love with your skin! Let’s learn together about nurturing your skin and establish routines that promote long-lasting health. Just as trees shed their leaves in autumn to pave the way for new growth, our skin requires regular exfoliation to rejuvenate and reveal its radiant glow. It’s the perfect time to start a journey towards a lifetime of vibrant, healthy skin!

Sun protection is one of the most effective ways you can reduce and prevent skin cancer, wrinkles, pigmentation, and other side effects of harmful UV rays. Applying SPF 30+ sunscreen at the start of your day can help you prevent early signs of aging. Wearing a wide-brim hat, sunglasses, and protective clothing are additional steps to protect and prevent ourselves from sun damage.

Decrease wrinkles, pigmentation, and other signs of sun damage caused by environmental free radicals by using medical-grade skin care products. Antioxidant serums, retinols, and growth factors help to stimulate collagen, elastin, and boost hydration.

Obtain a healthy glow with medical-grade skin care products and maintain the glow with regular customized treatments. My favorite treatment with zero downtime is the Bela MD 1-hour, 6-step exfoliation, microdermabrasion, hydration, muscle toning, antioxidant infused, blue and red led light facial. Bela MD is the perfect treatment to exfoliate dead skin cells, flood your skin with powerful antioxidants, stimulate collagen and give you an instant renewed appearance and feeling of rejuvenation.

Product pick of the month: AnteAGE MD Growth Factors and Cytokines daily accelerator/serum. This two-step system utilizes the latest breakthroughs in stem cell science to effectively recharge your skin’s natural healing response, and helps to reduce common signs of aging such as sagging, discoloration, lines, wrinkles. This topical also has bakuchiol, a plant-based enzyme that mimics retinol and is safe for pregnancy, sensitive skin, and oncology patients too.

Treat yourself to Bela MD treatment! Mention this blog when scheduling to receive 10% off AnteAGE MD through the month of November.

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