Hair Loss

Hair loss affects millions of men and women around the world. Alopecia is a broad term for any type of hair loss, but it can present in drastically different ways due to its many causes. It is important to know what type of hair loss you are suffering from before starting treatment.

When approaching hair loss, it is first wise to understand if it has the potential to scar. Certain types of hair loss such as Discoid Lupus or Lichen Planopilaris need to be addressed quickly to save the hair follicles from inflammation leading to permanent loss of follicles and scarring. Other more common types, like early Androgenetic Alopecia (male/female pattern baldness), Telogen Effluvium (stress-induced hair loss), and Alopecia Areata (auto-immune type of hair loss) tend to be non-scaring. It is also important to make sure you aren’t dealing with an infectious type such as Tinea Capitis (ringworm) or Syphilis. Sometimes hair loss may signify something more systemic, like thyroid disease or anemia, or even be triggered by a new medication. It is also important to understand how different hairstyles can play a roll in hair loss and breakage, such as Traction Alopecia that is caused from prolonged use of tight braids.

Because there are so many types of hair loss, it is important to be evaluated by a board-certified dermatologist before any treatment begins.
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