Angiomas are a relatively common benign growths that consists of a collection of small blood vessels. These growths can occur anywhere along the body, including the face. The most common form of an angioma is known as a cherry angioma.

Cherry Angioma
Cherry angiomas are bright red papules – ranging in size from a dot to a quarter of an inch. Sometimes known as senile angiomas, cherry angiomas increase in number as one ages and are extremely common in most adults over the age of 30. Because angiomas are so superficial, it is not uncommon for them to bleed profusely if broken open.

Spider Angioma
Another common type of angioma is known as a spider angioma –common in young children, and pregnant women. These vascular blemishes appear similar to a spider web or set of tiny capillaries in the skin. They are relatively harmless; however, they may be a sign of liver disease when they appear in high numbers.
Although angiomas are benign, some people are bothered by their cosmetic appearance. They can be easily removed by electrocautery or laser treatments.

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