For Men

With women making the bulk of the aesthetic medicine world, cosmetic procedures for men are often overlooked. This leads many men to shy away from procedures and treatments to improve their appearance and achieve the ideal looks they’ve always wanted!

At Nova Dermatology, our team specializes in a vast array of aesthetic enhancement techniques geared towards both women and men alike! So, no matter what your aesthetic goals might be, don’t shy away, the team at Nova is here to help you make your dreams come true.

The Male Aesthetic!
Aesthetic enhancement isn’t just for women anymore, and with more and more men taking part than ever before, the team Nova is taking a keen interest in gearing treatments towards a man’s needs, as well as a female!
When it comes to the world of aesthetics, men and women couldn’t have more different needs! From maintaining their ideal size and shape, to their rugged masculinity, at Nova we make sure that each and every one of our male enhancement techniques allows men to achieve their desired level of enhancement, while also maintaining their manly essence.

Botox & Injectables for Men
Aging is a fact of life, and something you have to accept no matter what gender you might be! However, some of the affects of aging, like wrinkles or facial volume loss, are easily dealt with using injectable treatments like Botox and Dermal Fillers! Find out how they can help you today!

Skincare & Peels
In modern times, men all over the world are after the smooth, soft, supple, blemish-free skin that’s only possible with a strong skincare routine! At Nova Dermatology, Dr. Kopp and her team offer patients a number of amazing skincare options to help men deal with issues such as acne, wrinkles, facial scars, lesions, and blemishes of all sort!

For more information about all the procedures we offer, for both men and women, be sure to contact Nova Dermatology today!

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